GEOSpot Service

Browser Architecture

The GeoSpot Service is a geospatial data provider intended for consumption by an AR Browser Channel Service. GeoSpots are points of interest within the real world that have associated media such as textual description and annotated overview images along with optional panoramic backdrops (e.g. a cube map). Those GeoSpots with synthetic backdrops may have associated time spans that identify their temporal relevance. For instance, one image may be associated with a night view and another with a daytime view. Similarly, the time spans may be used to provide historical context such as providing a view of a GeoSpot from the early 1900’s versus modern day.

The GeoSpot Service architecture provides a layer of abstraction over any particular geospatial database package or service. The initial GeoSpot Service is implemented using the geospatial services offered by However new implementations can easily be created, possibly using ESRI ArcSDE, or other geospatial database tools.

The current GeoSpot Service implementation stores custom-extended KML specifications of GeoSpots with hyperlinks to relevant media. A web-enabled GeoSpot authoring tool has been created that allows creation of GeoSpots as well as web-storage of media.
Note: The GeoSpot Service is currently offline due to the End-of-Life (EOF) of the service.