Infrastructure Service

Infrastructure Illustration

The Infrastructure Service is a geospatial data provider intended for consumption by an AR Browser Channel Service. Infrastructure consists of 3D models of structures in the built environment and information about topological elevations. These 3D models are not directly included in user developed AR content, but rather, are indirectly used for content placement and occlusion. An AR content developer might want to place content 4 feet up a telephone pole. Instead of determining those coordinates directly, which may change if the object is moved, remodeled or more accurately surveyed, the author finds sub-elements of infrastructure in a visual browser or by common name. One proposed common name is “whiteboard”, a location where the each building owner encourages the placement of advertisements and other user generated content.

The proposed Infrastructure service will consist of a standardized API for geospatially querying and accessing model and altitude information for consumption by AR channels. As with the GEOSpot service, the actual source of the content (i.e. Google 3D Warehouse) is unlikely to be hosted by the Infrastructure service itself, but it will maintain user contributed rankings of infrastructure quality and accuracy along with a URI for each piece of content.