Browser Overview

An Open Platform for Delivering Mobile Augmented Reality Experiences

The KHARMA framework is a new open platform for augmented reality that lets users create content using web development tools already in widespread use including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In contrast to other proprietary augmented reality (AR) browser solutions, this approach uses standard web servers for content delivery and lets users deploy almost any web-based technology into the surrounding scene, resulting in far richer AR experiences. We have developed a reference client that implements most features of the KHARMA framework for the iPhone. For more information about the Argon client browser click here.

The KML/HTML Augmented Reality Mobile Architecture (KHARMA) seeks to address several practical problems related to mobile AR development and delivery. The platform allows content developers to create content using an extended version of the GoogleEarth markup language and host it using KML files on standard HTTP servers. It establishes a framework for multiple simultaneous channels to utilize content delivered by multiple sources such as tracking information and building infrastructure. The KHARMA framework is focused on respecting the integral role of tracking and infrastructure within the authoring pipeline both offline and at runtime. And, perhaps most importantly, the platform implements several techniques for overcoming the uncertainties of current tracking technologies and preparing for the future widespread use of vision-based tracking.

The KHARMA framework is built upon several unique contributions to mobile AR experience delivery: channel servers, infrastructure servers, geospot servers and an open source standards-based mobile client. For more details about the framework look here.

Argon Browser Now Available for iPhone 4